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Musicianship Exercises: Melody

This page contains audio examples of diatonic melodies for dictation practice, and the same examples in notation form for sight singing and checking answers. The notation can be either viewed online by clicking on the images below or downloaded. These exercises get progressively more difficult, and cover: major and minor melodies; 4/4, 6/8, and 3/4; and treble and bass clef.

Preliminary Melodic Exercises

The first exercise — which should be mastered before moving on to the melodic dictation examples — is a series of melodic cells designed to train the ear to hear the differences between the scale degrees 1-2-3 and 1-3-5 in major and minor. There is no audio component to this, as students should practice playing and singing these patterns at the piano or their instrument.

Melodic Cell Exercises.

Note: each of the following audio examples begins with a tonic triad followed by a one bar count-in.

Melodic Dictation and Sight Singing Part I

Melodic Exercises Part I


Melodic Dictation and Sight Singing Part II

Download Melodic Exercises Part II

Melodic Dictation and Sight Singing Part III

Download Melodic Exercises Part III